The following is a list of the 2020 Data Science S1 Curriculum Courses

Version : July 2020

Course NameCredits
Introduction to Programming3
Logic Mathematics3
Character building3
Linear Aljabar for Data Science2
Total SKS18
Course NameCredits
Discrete mathematics3
Programming Algorithm3
Data Structure4
Religious Education and Ethics2
Database Design and Implementation3
Total SKS20
Course NameCredits
Algorithm Complexity Analysis2
Computer Organization and Architecture3
Artificial intelligence3
Opportunity Theory and Implementation3
Database Management System3
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization3
Infrastructure and Platforms for Data Science3
Total SKS20
Course NameCredits
Human Computer Interaction3
Global ICT Insights2
Operating system3
Data analysis3
Data Science Application Planning3
Data Visualization Method3
Machine Learning3
Total SKS20
Course NameCredits
Project management3
Object Oriented Programming3
Data Mining Project3
Big Data Infrastructure and Technology3
Information Systems Engineering3
Time series analysis3
DS for the Community1
Total SKS20
Course NameCredits
Citizenship Education2
Data Science in Industry3
Text Mining3
Cloud Computing Technology for Big Data and Data Analytics3
Data Security3
Engineering and Organization of Big Data Systems3
Total SKS19
Course NameCredits
Proposal Writing2
Practical Work3
English Written Communication3
Scientific Writing and Research Methods3
MK Option 13
MK Option 23
Total SKS17
Course NameCredits
MK Option 33
MK Option 43
Total SKS10
Total Credits Overall144
Elective CourseCredits
Advanced Machine Learning (Auto Machine Learning)3
Big Data Analytics for IoT3
Data Warehouse3
Data Governance3
Business Intelligence3