Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

PLO1Fear of God Almighty, upholding human values ​​in carrying out their duties, and respecting the diversity of cultures, religions and beliefs, as well as the opinions or original findings of others.
PLO2Demonstrate a professional attitude towards work in their field of expertise independently by applying academic values, norms, and ethics.
PLO3Contribute to improving the quality of life, progress of civilization based on Pancasila , and obeying the law in the life of society, nation and state.
PLO4Able to identify and formulate problems in the field of Data Science using science and mathematics to gain new knowledge from data.
PLO5Able to apply engineering principles and computer technology to conduct experiments, research, and design applications, especially in the field of big data analytics.
PLO6Able to implement strategic management of data collection, data storage, data maintenance, and ensure data availability for further processing purposes.
PLO7Applying logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking in the context of the development or implementation of science and/or technology in accordance with their field of expertise.
PLO8Reviewing the implications of developing or implementing science, technology in accordance with their expertise based on scientific principles, procedures and ethics to produce solutions, ideas, designs, and compiling a scientific description of the results of their studies in the form of a thesis or final project report.
PLO9Make the right decisions in the context of solving problems in their area of ​​expertise, based on the results of analysis of information and data.
PLO10Able to choose the right method in the field of big data analytics , and operate the available tools to optimize the resolution of certain data problems.
PLO11Able to identify and operate tools and applications for data collection, data management, and big data analytics.
PLO12Able to create a data management plan in line with the needs of the organization by considering security and ethics.