In the Data Science Undergraduate Study Program, students will be well prepared to face the big challenges in today’s society: how to take advantage of the information contained in the large amount of data collected in various fields/domains such as digital business, finance, environment, and social media. The Data Science Undergraduate Study Program is based on an interdisciplinary background so that he is competent in the field of data science.

In the industrial era 4.0, it is closely related to the big data era. It is closely related to data volume, variety (various types of data including numbers, text and video) and speed (dynamic collection and the need to process data). Exploring knowledge and insight from the data requires interdisciplinary skills, mastery of tools or modifications for specific problems, and requires a deep methodological understanding of Data Science. This study program will provide knowledge and understanding of a combination of theoretical foundations and practical experience, starting from problem definition, data extraction, preprocessing, analysis, to communicating analysis results and data insights.